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June 14, 2022

Lets Rank Potential 2022 All-Stars Representing The Texas Rangers

Lets Rank Potential 2022 All-Stars Representing The Texas Rangers

A lot of money was invested in this season’s Texas Rangers roster: a whopping grand total of $500+ million went on the ledgers of owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson. And while the Rangers won the off-season, the results have not been quite as good as people might have expected over two months into the 2022 season.

A roughly average team (which is what the Texas Rangers are at the moment) won’t produce many All-Stars at the end of the day, but the one (or ones) who could be representing the Rangers in Los Angeles in July aren’t necessarily the ones you would’ve expected heading into 2022.

Fan balloting has officially opened for the Midsummer Classic (vote now for your Rangers! ), so let’s rank the potential Texas Rangers representatives to Dodger Stadium next month.

We also give our weekly Who's Hot, Who's Not list and give our thoughts on a wild and crazy victory on Sunday. 


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