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Can the Texas Rangers Win the 2023 World Series

The Texas Rangers have a lot to needs to fill before the next season. This includes pitching and offensive. While the Rangers were disappointing this season, there's still a chance the Rangers could see themselves as World Series champions.

Most experts won’t pick the Texas Rangers to win the 2023 World Series when they make their preseason predictions. Despite the hiring of three-time World Series champion manager Bruce Bochy and the expectation that Texas will invest significant money in free agency for the second offseason in a row, the Rangers still have a long way to go before the rest of the league takes them seriously as a contender.

However, we’ve seen multiple teams in the past several years respond to a losing season with a World Series championship in the following year. In fact, since the playoffs expanded in 1995, five teams have won a championship after finishing with a record below .500 the year before.

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