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Eight Meaningful Games for The Texas Rangers

The next eight games for the Rangers could have a significant impact on the rest of the 2022 season. The Rangers are two games into their second* longest road trip of the season. They’ve split the first two games of the trip, and play two more against the Astros this weekend before heading to the West Coast for two games at Anaheim and four games against the A’s.

* It was going to be tied for the longest road trip of the season, but since the lockout scrambled the early season scheduling, the Rangers play a road game in Miami on the Thursday after the All Star Game before heading to the West Coast for ten games. Thanks, Manfred.

The Angels and the Astros are battling for first place in the A.L. West, while the A’s are rebuilding (though playing better than I think many expected). The Rangers have an off day on Monday, which makes things a little easier on the pitching staff. They have Mitch Garver back from the i.l., which helps the lineup, even if he’s limited to DH duty for now.

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